Double wire Stripping Seal crimping Machine

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Description: SA-FA300-2 is Semi-automatic Double Wire Stripper Seal Inserting Terminal Crimping Machine, it realizes the three processes of wire seal loading, wire stripping and terminal crimping at the same time. Thie model can process 2 wire at one time , It’s Greatly Improved wire process speed and save labor cost.

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SA-FA300-2 is a collection of stripping waterproof bolt insertion crimping terminal as one of the high-efficiency wire harness processing machine, multi-station in one for processing, greatly improving the production speed, frugal production production costs. it realizes the three processes of wire seal loading, wire stripping and terminal crimping at the same time.


1.Terminal machine adopts high efficiency servo motor drive, the applicator adopts the high precision applicator, make the crimping stable, fast and reliable, also can do high silence, different terminals, only need to replace the applicator, easy to operate.
2.Stripping slide with servo motor drive, screw drive, to ensure accurate stripping length, cutter with servo motor drive, screw drive, non-traditional cylinder stripping, only need to set the value of the knife on the screen with the stripping length can be.
3.Waterproof plug feeding structure, the use of vibrators discharge, compressed air feeding, non-traditional
Pin feeding method, so there is no risk of waterproof plug breakage, and no wear parts, different size of the waterproof plug, just replace the waterproof plug feeding guide. The machine is really multi-purpose, saving production investment costs.
4.Color touch screen operation interface, peeling length, waterproof plug penetration depth, playing terminal position and other functions can be set through the program. Program memory function can save the processing parameters of different products into the database, when switching products can be a key to call out the corresponding parameters.

Product Parameters

Model SA-FA300-2
Function: Stripping & Crimping & Sealing
Waterproof plug size Less than 10*10mm
Applicable wire range 0.2-2.5mm2
Stripping length 0.1-10mm
Cut precision 0.05mm-0.1m
Stroke 40mm
Crimp capacity 2.0T( Can custom made ) 
Power  1500W
Power 220V/110V/50/60HZ
Display language Chinese/English
Compressed air 0.5-0.7MPA
Machine size  850mm*880mm*1300mm (length, width and height)
Weight 280KG
CFM Optional

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