Product Advantages

Our advantages (2)

1. Bilingual LCD screen display: bilingual display in Chinese and English, automatic computer program design, simple and clear operations.

2. Various processing modes: Electronic wires, such as Teflon line, glass fiber cotton, isolation line and other wires are used for processing.

3. Many kinds of processing methods: One-time completion of automatic cutting, half stripping, full stripping, multi-section stripping.

4. Double-line simultaneous processing: Two lines processed at the same time; improvement of work efficiency by double amount of work; reduction of labor and time costs.

5. Motor: Copper core stepper motor with high precision, low noise, precise current which controls motor heating well, longer service life.

6. Pressing line adjustment of wire feeding wheel: tightness of the pressing line at both wire head and wire tail can all be adjusted; adapt to wires of various sizes.

7. High quality blade: High-quality raw materials with no burr free incision are durable, wear-resistant and have a longer service life.

8. Four-wheel driving: Four-wheel driven stable wire feeding; adjustable line pressure; high wire feeding precision; no damage and to pressure to wires.

1) This machine is specially designed for processing multi-strand copper electronic flexible wires and it can finish cutting wire, peeling wire and twisting wire at one time. It supports various twisting wire control methods and can achieve excellent twisting effects.

2) The computer peeling and twisting machine can peel wires for three layers and can peel coaxial wires for three layers. The length of each layer can be set freely.

3) Program memory function. 99 groups of programs can be stored. When different wires are peeled, you only need to call out corresponding program numbers and there is no need to set it again.

4) Catheter hopping function: The catheter can be automatically lifted up when the wire tail is peeled. The length of the wire tail can reach 70mm. 

Our advantages (1)

5) Support full stripping, half stripping, middle stripping and other wire stripping methods: You can only use its cutting function for cutting row wire, heat shrinkable casing, etc.

6) The peeling and twisting machine is driven by high-precision stepper motor and the pulse quantity can be corrected through the program, which can realize high-precision cutting operation.

7) The machine provides automatic cutting, peeling, half peeling, middle peeling, twisting wire and other special functions for electronic wire, silicone wire, teflon wire, glass weaving wire, isolation wire and casing. It can instantly change specifications and dimensions of wires.  

Our advantages (3)

1. It is suitable for all kinds of flexible and semi-flexible coaxial lines, charging pile cables, medical cables and other peeling lines in communication industry and medical automobile industry. It has neat peeling ports and precise performance and does not harm conductors;

2. It has man-machine interface and can be operated easily. Up to 9 layers can be peeled and up to 99 kinds of processing data can be stored.

3. Rotary head, four pieces of rotary knife and exquisite structure improve the stability of stripping and service life of the cutting tools;

4. With servo motor, precision ball screw and multi-point motion control system, it has stable and efficient performance;

5. The cutting tools are coated with imported tungsten steel and titanium alloy, which can ensure that they are sharp and durable;

6. It can meet special requirements of multi-layer peeling, multi-section peeling and automatic continuous start.

7. It has made continuous innovation on the basis of the original machine model and its functions and structures are optimized to guarantee its powerful performance.

1. Suitable for processing semi-flexible and flexible coaxial lines and single core wires with special requirements in base station antenna;

2. Advanced rotating tool heads with mobile tool rests (cutting knife and stripping knife) can ensue the complex processing and molding of all kinds of wires once and for all. There is no need to replace blade. It has more perfect quality and higher efficiency.

3. Special center positioning device and wire feeding device can ensure precise processing operations and make the products meet high requirements of communication industry.

4.  It can store up to 100 groups of data which can ensure that the processing data can be complete preserved and accessed at any time. 

Our advantages (5)