Automatic Nylon cable ties assemble machine plastic clips assemble machine

Nylon cable ties, also known as zip ties, tie wraps and locking straps, are straps used to tie things together. Generally according to the material can be divided into nylon ties, stainless steel ties, sprayed stainless steel ties, etc., according to the function is divided into ordinary ties, retractable ties, signage ties, fixed locking ties, latch ties, heavy-duty ties and so on.

1, traditional ropes and ties are generally made of PVC or fibre materials, which will weather or rot quickly with the passage of time in daily use, and will cause inconvenience to the items after use.

2, Like traditional PVC strapping cords, wire is needed to enhance their toughness and tension. However, the wires can be exposed and directly damage objects as some of the PVC appearance in use will separate or deteriorate over time. If used for electrical wiring and appliances, there is a danger of electrical conductivity.

3, both rope and traditional strapping, in practice, more trouble, difficult to maintain the scale of the operation of the workers, high labour costs. Self-locking nylon tie is relatively simple to use, the same scale of the convenient method to bring high efficiency to the enterprise.

4, nylon tie has high tensile strength, impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance. In addition, when used in industry, nylon itself has a 94v2 certain fire-resistant level, but these advantages are traditional ropes and ties do not have.
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Post time: Jun-26-2024