Automatic 3D Printer Filament cutting winding tying machine

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SA-CR0-3D This is a fully automated cutting, winding and tying machine, specially designed for 3D printing materials. The number of winding turns can be set directly on the PLC screen., Coil inner diameter can adjust , Tying length can be setting on machine , This is full automatic machine that not t need people to operate is It’s Greatly Improved cutting winding speed and save labor cost

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Automatic power cable winding double tying machine for wire SA-CR8

This machine suitable for automatic winding water tube hose ,AC power cable, DC power core, USB data wire, video line, HDMI high-definition line and other transmission lines, It’s Greatly Improved stripping speed and save labor cost.


1.Apply to single-end / double- ends ,AC power cord,DC power cord , Video line,HDMI ,USB wires

2.Auto and fast binding after Stepping on foot switch ,

3.Wire length(Head length, Tail length,Total binding length) ,  coil number,speed,quantity can be

set .

4.Easy to operate

5.Save labor cost and improve output.

6.Adopted PLC program control , 7 inches touch screen for setting parameters.

7.Provide personalized customization according to different requirements

Applicable wire USB/DC/power cable USB/DC/power cable 3D printing materials
Winding appearance Circle Figure 8 Circle
Final circle diameter <50mm <45mm <45mm
Theoretical yield ≤700pcs/H ≤700pcs/H ≤600pcs/H
Winding distance 80-180mm 200-350mm 80mm-200mm
Head length 40-130mm 40-150mm 40mm-130mm
Tail  length >40mm >40-150mm >40mm
Applicable cable tie Plastic coated iron core Plastic coated iron core Plastic coated iron core
Pressure requirements 0.4-0.6Mpa 0.4-0.6Mpa 0.4-0.6Mpa

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